Tammy Lee Schumacher is known for her infectious laugh and for spreading joy where she goes! She is a bundle of energy and she can help you with her coaching program in ways you didn’t think possible. Tammy can help you improve your success in all areas of your life, so if you want to improve the success of your business or just improve your overall personal life, her coaching program is the right program for you!

Tammy strives to coach her clients towards a more joy filled life. A recent of client of Tammy’s, Priscilla, states the following about Tammy: “I can’t speak of Tammy Lee Schumacher highly enough, she’s the real deal!” And she also states that “everything Tammy touches becomes fun again as you put your whole heart and soul into everything you do.” She believes that more joy equals more success in everything you do. Her programs are designed with you in mind and are catered to your goals, wants, needs, personality, etc. She wants to add more joy to your life as quickly as possible so that you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible. Through her coaching, you will encounter more joy, energy, money, success, and laughter in your life as she helps you determine the barriers that are standing in your way of success.

Tammy offers a workshop titled Transform into Joy-Make Shift Happen. This workshop is focused on you and is great for businesses of any size, church groups, etc. Through her Make Shift Happen workshop, you will get insightful tools and techniques that will help you take control of your life or business and improve your relationships, financial status, attitude, and overall way of life. Sara, a recent participant in the workshop, says “In less than 60 days my business has tripled! Working with Tammy Lee is one of the best investments I have ever made!”

If you still aren’t convinced that Tammy can help you change your life, read what Ceena, director of a massage therapy business, has to say “Tammy Lee has been a true inspiration for me!  Through her mentoring and coaching, my life has opened up many possibilities and doors personally, and professionally.” So make the leap and join Tammy’s team today to start seeing success right away! You won’t regret it!

by Tammy Lee Schumacher

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