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The Second Start is a raw and honest and at times explosive orgasmic roller coaster of a read. Tammy’s commitment to Divine Self-Expression; a teenage mom, Kansas farmer’s wife, now at the age of 55 with 5 children and 11 grandchildren, knows what it takes to “Make Shift Happen”. The Second Start is about more than the journey of a 37-marriage on the verge of destruction. It brings a message of empowerment, self-realization and perseverance.

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Tammy has created custom, One On One Custom Coaching Programs, Creative Keynote presentations and Experiential Workshops empowering people across the nation to fully tap into their Unbound Joy coming from a place of understanding and empowering others to live in their fullest and greatest potential and turning on the JOY Switch within.

Tammy brings to the table with her experience working with veterans that have seen the worst in the world, as well as people of all ages, including but not limited to Moms, Husbands, Sales People, Business Owners, people in the Healing arts, Teachers, Counselors, Entrepreneurs, etc.


“ Tammy, the world needs you, we need you. Tammy we need all of you, even your weird self. The world needs you, Tammy! ”
– Bo Eason
“ Tammy, I just wanted to let you know how much my platoon and I enjoyed your cd, “I Crack Me Up.” More than you can begin to understand. Your intoxicating laugh was a morale booster for us while we were deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom III. ”
– C.E. Underwood, SFC, USA
“Tammy Lee has been a true inspiration for me!  I have always viewed a coach as someone who teaches me to be perform better in a sport or challenging subject.  Her expertise coaching has assisted and gently guided me to improve MYSELF.  The most important thing, any one person could do.  Her professionalism, insight, and intuition has encouraged me to TRUST what I was feeling, SEEK what I was lacking, and EXPLORE what was my greatest potential.  Her joyful spirit of helping me find my inner CELEBRATION was not always easy, but through time…I found it.  The joy of celebrating me, my life, and my inner goddess.  Through her mentoring and coaching, my life has opened up many possibilities and doors personally, and professionally.   Thank YOU, Tammy Lee 🙂
– Director of Massage Therapy
Fort Hays State University,
Ceena Owens BGS, RN, BCTMB
Tammy’s love for people shows in everything she does. Her profound and unique ability to help people find the love and joy in their soul is done with the magic of laughter. To laugh is a way for our spirit to express it’s joy, release fear and find peace… Tammy’s gift is being the conductor of laughter. Her laugh is contagious and her love is divine.
-Melvin Lloyd Allen, M.A., Master Trainer, Author and Coach
Tammy Lee was the keynote speaker at the Fort Hays State University Massage Therapy program’s certification ceremony in May 2016. I found her speech very uplifting and inspiring. Her energy is amazing! She filled me and the room with joy! I smiled, laughed and even shed a few tears listening to her talk and reflecting over my previous year’s experience being enrolled in the program. She helped to motivate me in continuing on my path of learning and practicing, sharing and loving. I would definitely recommend Tammy Lee as a speaker at any event you wish to imbue with love, humor and joy!
-Shane Keller [FHSU Massage Therapy Program 2015-2016]
“In today’s society people are absolutely terrified to connect with each other,,,, because of fear of it being awkward or weird or viewed as odd or strange…nobody wants t be ostracized, but as human beings we crave and desperately need that “closeness” with each other….Tammy, your videos are so important because you have the “balls” or courage to be “out there” to be strange, odd, loving, deep, and then that inspires me to get out of my shell and be the same…because it is like, well if Tammy can do it , I can do it! To bring joy, closeness., realness, genuine connection!!! So I guess, YES, you, mentoring with you, and your videos empower me in that way and also inspire me to grow…and that of course spills over to build/strengthen my personal and business relationships!
–Sara Boyd, Mother and Business Owner

Breakthrough Program: Make Shift Happen with Tammy

The Breakthrough Program, Make SHIFT Happen, products and programs were created for people who are absolutely excited and dead serious about breaking out of their rut, breaking through resistance, bringing more joy into their life, making more money and ending what I call “the spinning hamster in the wheel syndrome” – it means not running around all day long, beating yourself up saying: “I should be doing WAY better than this in my life by now!” They were created for you to put systems in place within a few months (sometimes weeks!), which will eventually lead you to gaining more confidence, vitality, higher thinking, setting better boundaries, gaining emotional resiliency and mental clarity, and finally attracting what you desire, living in more joy, a deeper spiritual connection, improved relationships, more money, experiencing better sex, create the lifestyle of your dreams. That’s what I call FREEDOM.

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