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As a former teen mom, Kansas farmer’s wife and grandmother of 13, Tammy Lee Schumacher knows what it takes to “make shift happen.”  She brings a message of empowerment, self realization and perseverance that provides her clients with deep insights and effective, simple tips on how to have it all.

Tammy is the embodiment of what she offers her clients – JOY. With her expansive toolbox of healing modalities and intuitive abilities her refreshing outlook and rare openness packs a punch that you will surely remember and learn from. While overcoming her own life challenges, Tammy’s brilliance as an Intuitive Life and Relationship Coach and Healer emerged. Tammy guides others to overcome their own limiting beliefs, remove blocks and connect with their deep truth, sacred self and inherent joy.

Tammy Lee Schumacher inspires others as an Author, Speaker, Coach and Intuitive Facilitator of Transformational and Healing Experiences. Learn more about how she can help you at

Tammy Lee Schumacher, international best selling author of The Second Start…Finding Joy in the New You.

The Second Start…Finding Joy in The New You

20 week Online Group Program

Tammy’s commitment to Divine Self-Expression comes through as she shares her, “when real life hands you challenges” story and her commitment to her Truth, self-realization and the commitment to the Trust she had to have in order to jump off the cliff numerous times in her life. Her courage and perseverance are astounding as you will see as she carries the message of real empowerment and inner growth, especially of women into the world. Tammy’s refreshing outlook and rare openness packs a punch that you will surely remember, especially with her impactful and encouraging core message: “if I can you can”. 

The Second Start is more than a book, it’s a movement geared to assist people who are waking up and are READY to claim their Divine Power, Purpose, and Voice. Start creating your Heaven on Earth, the life you love to live, with No More Excuses and truly celebrate your successes!

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Live Life Joyously in 21 Days

Online Group Program

Where two or more are gathered, there is Divine Magic. As we go through seven simple processes together, you will experience lower stress and greater empowerment. You’ll live a life you love! This program comes with a JOY guide that will assist you to create daily habits that support your growth, expansion and experience living in a state of JOY!!!!!!

Investment in You: $53.00

Intuitive Break Through Session

Break Through Session

This one-on-one phone session is unique. The information and healing modalities used are based on what your system tells me you need at that time. I welcome you to share whatever you are feeling and struggling with. I will often receive insights – at times, in areas you least expect! These will lead us to profound awareness and healing as well as activating immediate change.

Investment in You: $155.00

Ignite Your Joyful Heart

10 Weeks of Experiential Transformation

If you are ready for deep dives and magical, mystical, healing happenings, this is for you! This program is for those who are ready to do the work and create the kind of lasting change that will ignite your Joyful heart and empower you to connect fully with your Soul. This is not just a program; it is a movement geared to assist people who are waking up and are ready to claim their Divine power. Find your purpose and start creating your life you love to live! This 10 – week course has an option to upgrade for two, one-on-one sessions with Tammy at a discounted price.

Investment in You: $350.00

Retreats and Group Work


Transform Into Joy Series

8 Week One on One Private Work

This series is for people who need more than just one session. It is an eight-week, one-on-one series for those times in your life when you are making a major change or dealing with challenges that require more than a one-time session. The series offers eight, 60-minute phone sessions and a series of meditations, exercises and clearing work to help you “make shift happen.” It will create clarity, personal accountability and deep healing. You will be intuitively, Divinely guided as you raise your level of consciousness and devise a plan of action to up-level your life and your JOY!

Investment in You: $1,111.00

The Joy Effect & Beyond

6 Month Online Mastermind Program

Setting new standards for you, The Joy Effect…the 8 Pillars of True Wellness which is designed to show you how to obtain Living in JOY and overall true wellness, from the inside out. The JOY Effect is 6 months of experiential life changing lessons to implement and thrive beyond current circumstances.

The Joy Effect is taught live online, utilizing Zoom platform, with all sessions recorded for your convenience. Every week, for 6 months we will build onto your foundation to help you get a solid understanding how to start learning what it takes to experience and maintain living in a state of JOY!

Cost: $2,222.00

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