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LAUGHTER… THE PERFECT ANTIDOTE to Annihilate Stress NOW..Raise You UP out of Depression..Help Heal Physical Ailments…RAISE Your Energy to New Heights and Live a Life in MORE JOY. With Tammy’s Outrageous Over the Top Laugh and her Funny stories of life she shares you will certainly be SHIFTED into Higher Living in the Moment and Beyond!!!

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I Crack Me Up!

Is Outrageous and Off The Chain, Hilarious stories of Life and Learning How To Laugh through Life, Raising Your Vibration for a Better Day with this Uniquely gifted artist.

Laugh It Off

Raise your spirit higher than ever with outrageously contagious laughter. This unique laughing CD is sure to put a smile on your face and in your heart.

Welcome To My World (Population 1)

Humorous and outrageous one of a kind stories50 and laughter, and a bit of snortin’ too, that will keep you rolling and wanting more.

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