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Meet Tammy


How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Laughter Artist / Transformation Leader/Mentor/ Trainer, INtuitive Guide, Experiential Workshop Leader, Creative Keynote Presenter, APP designer and CD Producer?

Robert Allen looked right at me and said, “I LOVE your laugh – I want to pay you for your laugh” and handed me a $20 bill right then and there from the stage in front of everyone, over 500 people!

Robert, said to me privately late that day “You know Tammy your laugh is more than a gift it’s a spiritual gift I have met 10’s of thousands of people and I have never heard a laugh like yours. You know it is a spiritual gift when it’s unique and different, that is what you have! DO something with it!”

I was floored!  

 Robert G Allen, New York Times bestseller, and author for wealth- creation books such as “Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate With Little or No Money Down”, “The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth”, and Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth!” to name a few.

So I went home and I knew I had to record my laugh. I knew nothing about this but I called a recording company and went over to begin recording my laugh. I was scared and nervous and felt foolish, however, I knew I had to do it, so I followed my intuition even though I had no idea what I was doing and the “why” I was meant to record my laugh. I surrendered it over to God, sitting there in my blue Ford van, nervous as all get out, saying, “ok, Jesus, I know this is you, you are laughing through me, I give this all up to You.” I took a deep breath and knocked on the studio door.

As the recording of my laugh was happening, I heard this voice outside of me say, “Tell stories Tammy tell stories” in my mind I was saying, “really God?” Those intuitive whispers became clearer, again, I took a deep breath and out poured funny stories of life, right there in the recording studio and was now recording not only my infectiously unique and healing laugh but the stories, were hilarious.

I recorded my first laugh CD and half of another HUMOUR CD called “I Crack me Up”. The second time I went back to the studio MORE came out. I now had enough material for even a third cd, I call, “Welcome to My World, Population One.”

My oldest daughter, Crystal at the time had a friend, Eric, a Sergeant in the Army and I had an intuitive hit to send some CD’s to his platoon. The CD’s we’re SOOO popular that Eric, had to confiscate them!!! Everyone wanted to listen to them and it was interrupting their work. They had to end up checking them out from him.

One day during their Christmas Eve deployment during a fight where gunfire was exchanged 2 of their men died that day which was Christmas Eve. When they got back to their station – the very first thing they asked their sergeant Eric, was “where is she Sarge – we need her, we need her now” and they began listening to my CD, “I Crack Me Up” in order to uplift their spirits.

“Tammy, I just wanted to let you know how much my platoon and I enjoyed your cd, “I Crack Me Up.” More than you can begin to understand. Your intoxicating laugh was a morale booster for us while we were deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom III. Even after our worst missions we would just sit and listen and you would bring smiles to our faces even on our darkest days. We thank you Tammy from the bottom of our hearts for you cd and for supporting us through out deployment!” C.E. Underwood, SFC, USA

Yet still, at the age of 40, after hearing that story – I still found it hard to believe I had this healing gift of laughter and that it was my calling.

I pushed it to the side, and would dabble here and there for over 10 years, possibly from lack of self esteem, as I was experiencing deep depression that I kept hid from all those around me, as I struggled through my own marriage and a near divorce, after leaving my husband in November 2013.

I felt like a hypocrite off and on, knowing I am to bring JOY to the world, yet feeling little Joy. I felt as I was not being authentic, and out of integrity and questioned, “how can I share with others how to be and live in more Joy when I myself was not living completely in that state of Joy?” “Am I still in Integrity when I feel pain, sadness, even anger, and talk about being in Joy?”

Then I received the answer, from Ascended Master, Lord Krishna, “Ha! Ha! That is your path you are showing other people how to get from feeling sadness, anger, upset, grief, Back Into Joy!”

This reminded me of what a cousin told me years after our grandmother’s funeral. Even though I was devastated, and heartbroken while attending my beloved grandmother’s funeral, having a conversation with a family member, as we were sharing our memories, I cracked up laughing, so much so that my cousin Heather heard my laugh, and she told me later, that hearing my laugh helped to ease her pain that day of loss.

As a mom raising 5 children of my own and now having 11 grandchildren I cannot tell you how often I was so grateful for the power of laughter that immediately shifted my perception and lightened up my mood.

My life has been a series of following divine guidance and divine downloads like the day at the studio. My deep love for helping others began to bloom, and a coaching and speaking business started to blossom.

I will always remember the words, one of my clients said to me after working one time together, the day after having a check in and he told me, “Tammy, I took the bullet out of my pocket, the bullet that I have been carrying around for 4 months wondering when I was going to use it on myself.”

God continued to send people into my life that would show me, they would tell me of the value of working with me and how the work continued to enhance their lives.

Tammy & Tim Sept 2015In the years since that day of November 2013, when I left, with my marriage of 34 years  we are now flourishing  as we continue to create a new relationship, and Transform into more Joy.

And, to spread even more joy and laughter to others, I finally launched the creation of my own Unique Laugh APP,

I had many inner blocks to breakthrough to get to this point in my life. I have experienced all types of things, horrific things that people should never experience, healing those inner wounds of  being raped, sexual abuse, betrayal and being abandoned, healing through using different modalities, healing my wounds and now on the other side of spectrum as I transformed into living in more Joy.

I began more and more sharing my insights, and stories and inspiration and my Highly Transformation and Intuitive coaching business was birthed. In my coaching program, I really support people in making their inner breakthroughs and shifts, connecting with their purpose, clearing the old stagnant energy that keeps them stuck, following the Divine whispers, connecting with their intuition, giving them Divine downloads, help them find more joy, peace and fulfillment in their life.

I’ve always been the go to person for Intuitive healing and advice. I remember in my early 30’s when I went for counseling and I ended up giving the therapist counseling! Even earlier than that, as I was volunteering in the school system in my mid 20’s, teachers would ask my advice on different subjects, professionally and personally.

Coaching came naturally to me and I LOVE helping people through difficult transitions, see them flourish as they become more empowered and help them “laugh it off and transform into Joy”.

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