Tammy Lee has helped many people from soldiers on the battlefields, in active wartime, to depressed people and those struggling with illnesses. Life can turn upside down when you don’t get support and encouragement when in difficult situations. Tammy Lee has the humor and laughter to help bring light in times when everything seems to be dark. She can help you ‘ford the river’ when the tides are strong. She brings love in times when there is fear. Tammy helps those struggling with sour relationships and she can break the barriers to nurture love and togetherness.

Tammy Lee is “The Shot in the Arm that You Need” and just a single dose will do you wonders.

Many people who have sought the help of Tammy can tell their experience.

Sara Boyd, owner, Tresses Salon says,

“In LESS THAN 60 Days MY BUSINESS TRIPLED! Working with Tammy Lee is one of the best investments I have ever made!!!”

Every moment with Tammy has been an opportunity for change in the personal and professional lives of many people. Those who have had time with Tammy say that a lot has changed in their business and personal life.

Another client had this to say after seeking the help of Tammy Lee, “Tammy Lee has been a true inspiration for me!…Her expertise coaching has assisted and gently guided me to improve MYSELF, the most important thing, any one person could do. Her professionalism, insight, and intuition has encouraged me to TRUST what I was feeling, SEEK what I was lacking, and EXPLORE what was my greatest potential…”

Tammy is the “The healer of Souls”, she is the “The Poster Child of Laughter” and she will light up the world with the gift of laughter and humor she has been given by God. Start seeing the purpose in life by seeking the help of Tammy Lee.

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