As Tim, my husband and I were shopping at Sam’s, on one of our day dates, a week before Christmas we tasted one of the samples of a cake the store was offering. The fact that it had coconut on it was a pull for both of us. Oh my, the first bit told me it was to come home with me, it could be for Christmas. I looked at the price tag and the thought of spending $20.00 on a cake that I could possibly make at home was soon put the thought out of my head as I instantly went into the mindset of justification of why not to spend the $20.00.

Days passed and I ended back at Sam’s now only 2 days before Christmas Eve. Spending my time now with my friend Jancy, who has known me for years and has at times been a spiritual guide for me as I have been for her in our 10+ years we have known each other. As we walked by the bakery what do I see again..THE CAKE.

This time however, I picked the cake up and put it in my basket, it would be perfect for Christmas Eve which was going to be a bit different this year with our family. As Jancy and I walked around the store and shopped, once again thoughts would creep into my mind, such as, “really you are going to spend $20.00 on this cake”, “You do not have enough money for that foolish spending”, “this is ridiculous Tammy”. Finally, I stopped the cart on a quiet isle, looked at Jancy and shared, “Jancy, I need help to process something right here and now about the cake, will you assist me?” of course, she said, “Yes!”

As I shared with her about “The Cake” conversation going on in my head and that I was going to put it back when we got to that area of the store again, emotion was moving through me and tears started to trickle down my cheeks and out of my mouth came, “Tammy you are DESERVING and WORTHY of having this cake!!!” BAM….that was it, another unknown layer of healing came forth, not even knowing it was there. So, there it was ‘unworthiness” hiding under the layers of thoughts. So, yes, I Bought the Cake, what was soon to be known as “The Christmas Cake”. Smile on my face as I share this with you.

The Christmas Cake was a GREAT HIT, so many really liked it, especially my mom who ended up sharing the entire day at our farm with us for the entire Christmas Day, she even arrived early in the day, which is quite rare. She went back for seconds of the cake. Now, here the day after Christmas with a bit left of “The Christmas Cake” I go to take a few bites of the cake and on the 3rd bite as the fork lifted the cake to my lips, as soon as I start to open my mouth, these words flowed forth, “I Forgive You Mom” WOW, I must say that this one thing I NEVER EVER EXPECTED. Forgiveness for what, this doesn’t matter, I told myself as my brain was attempting to figure that one out. I allowed it to be with it and to process.

I stood there a bit stunned in that moment of forgiveness energy as I allowed the few tears fill my eyes took a deep breath, and realized once again when we Allow God Source to move through us MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. I felt a melting of sorts throughout my entire Being, a new awakening in a new level of me.

Who knew a cake, what I now deem at “THE CHRISTMAS CAKE” would have such an effect on so many different levels. God/Source/Universe does answer us in so many ways, being OPEN to those ways, being PRESENT to those ways as off the wall they may be can REALLY Assist us in healing ALL.

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