What Are The Ways You Can Grow in Self Love

Self-love is not just about feeling good, it’s a state of appreciating oneself and it grows from the actions you take to support your psychological, spiritual, and physical growth. Self-love demands that we act in ways that will help mature us and expand the love we have for ourselves. So what are the steps to grow in self-love?

Practice Good Self Care

For you to be in self-love, you should take care of the basic needs. Indulge in activities that foster good health such as having sound nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, healthy social interactions, and intimacy. You also want to bring the right persons into your life. Don’t spend your time with people who are out to take away the shine you have on your face.

Pursue What You Need

Instead of acting on things that make you feel good and excited, you would want to pursue those things that make you stay strong and centered. When you focus on what you need and refrain from behaviors that cause troubles and make you be stuck in the past, you are growing in self-love. People who are in self-love know their feeling and thoughts. They are mindful of their life and act on that knowledge to enhance their personal and professional life.

Set Boundaries

You will love yourself if you can set limits and say no to love, work, or activities that will harm or deplete your emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Turn away from those activities that will express poorly the kind of person you are. Learn to forgive yourself, and don’t punish yourself for the mistakes you have done. You need to accept the fact that you aren’t made to be perfect, mistakes do happen, and the best thing you can do is to be less hard on yourself.

Of course, there are things that may feel gratifying but they cannot grow you in self-love. For example, you can’t have self-love because you bought yourself a new set of clothing or you read something inspirational, and a new relationship won’t either.

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