Every one of us likes success. Everyone likes to have the better things in life. It is not a bad thing to want good things. However, at times, we are our own stumbling blocks on the path to success and greatness. Sometimes, the only block we have to achieve our goals and dreams is just in our minds. Once we get over that barrier, we have an entirely new galaxy to explore and find the possibilities. The great thing about mental barriers is that only you have the power to eradicate them completely. Here are some of the mental barriers that once removed can catapult you to greatness.

Don’t Fear Failure

One of the biggest mental blocks that prevent people from reaching their full potential is fearing failure. In order to achieve greatness, we must understand that failure is at times part of the process. We must understand that in order to succeed, you must understand what it means to fail. When you understand that failure is part of life and is essential for growth, you will embrace it and take all you can learn everything you can from your mistakes to create success.


People will always have an opinion about everything you do. The essential skill here is learning to differentiate between the valuable opinions and the noise. A lot of people tend to put a lot of weight on the insignificant stuff and not so much weight on the important stuff. In order to achieve greatness, you have to quickly learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. As such, when you are looking for advice on something, look for people with experience and goodwill so that you don’t get stuck separating the legitimate information from the bad.


Warren Buffet once said that obsession is the DNA of greatness. This means that for you to be great, you need to find something that you are very passionate about. If you want to achieve greatness in a particular craft, then persistence is key. Whether you are a carpenter or a stockbroker, persistence in a particular craft will take you places. If you aren’t as passionate about what you do, it’s unlikely that you will succeed.

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