Potential… It is something that we all have within us. How many of us, however, actually use it to its fullest in order to enhance our lives? We all have many gifts: practical abilities, abilities, and skills picked up over the course of life and of course spiritual abilities which few may realize that they have or even use!

Embracing Your Gifts and Abilities

Before you even start to use your gifts in order to benefit yourself and others, you need to commit to them! But what does committing to your gifts mean? Quite simply put, you understand how your gifts work and how they can affect your life. If you are a great communicator, for example, then you need to focus on that! Find out new ways to enhance your communication abilities… With a little bit of help from your spiritual abilities.

Your spiritual abilities can enhance your practical ones: by believing in the Power of You, you can embrace your inner force and enhance the abilities you have a thousandfold! This is exactly what Tammy Lee did with her Incredible Outrageous Laugh and her spiritual abilities combined.

Using Your Gifts to Enhance the Lives of Others

Your gifts can not only benefit you and your life: they are also there to bring joy and happiness to the most important people in your life (as well as others whom you may be called on to help). Spreading the joy and love of your gifts will bring about levels of happiness and fulfillment that you have never before experienced!

Tammy has been doing this for many years. It is something that you can do too with a bit of patience, dedication, and perseverance. There is a whole world out there for you to enhance, so why not start doing it today?

Reach Out and Ask for Help

If you desire some guidance in how to bring forth or enhance your Divine qualities to their Highest degree then schedule a Transformational Breakthrough Session where together you gain Clarity and Core Confidence and Make SHIFT Happen TODAY here at www.transformintojoy.com/book/ The world is waiting for you to show up in your Divine fullness.

Your Joy Matters, You Matter,

Tammy Lee Schumacher

Speaker | Teacher | Healer | Mentor

Author of the #1 International Best Seller on Amazon.com “The Second Start” Get your copy Today!



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