Be Open…Divine Messages desire “US” to hear them
The Emerald Vase
I never know how Mother Father Creator will talk to me and through what means, and again I was shown that to be true.
24 hours ago as I clicked through the website of my friend and creator of this stunning vase and plate, Claudia Mardel, looking at her new line of pottery, I was oooing and awing and delight was running through me.
Then, I clicked on the picture of this vase and something more powerful came through to me, instantly the intensity of Divine Love, reached out through the screen of my computer and embraced me.
As I sat and kept looking, kept feeling, and knew, as I heard the “whispers of the Divine” saying, “this is for you” “let this vase be a remembrance of how much you are supported and loved as you go forth on your path, your mission” “we are here for you”. I knew it was to come home to me.
It already represents so much, and then some.
The plate, is the solid foundation, the solid base I have and continue to strengthen.
The Emerald color is the color of the heart chakra, the energy of love, always moving, growing and expanding, beyond time and thought.
The vase, the feminine Essence of who I am with its sleek curves and openness to allow more to be received, to fill up to the top and allow to flow over the love, my love on to humanity.
The thought, care, and love that was put into creating her, a reflection of God’s continued Grace in my life, for as I continued to look at the picture, even now 24 hours later, I am taken into what I call “The Zone of Grace.”
What Divine message have you heard lately?

~~~The Tammy Lee

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