Greetings Everyone, and Many Heartfelt Blessings to You,

I Am Taking up the Gauntlet, and RISKING BEing more of ME with You.  Some forms of RISK is to be RAW and REAL. Another way of saying this is to be Authentic.

BEing REAL, is something that I didn’t realize I was DOing and BEing because it was so natural to me. Many years ago, I was traveling with a very dear friend, John, he is like a brother to me. Before our trip, and in a joking manner, since I am known to be a bit ‘off the cuff’ a bit ‘crazy fun’ and as one person once told me, “Tammy you are OFF THE CHAIN”, well, I asked him, “John, are you really ready to be with Tammy, especially one on one” I said with humor in my voice. And, John came back to me, with a serious and matter of fact tone and said, “Tammy, are you kidding, you are SO REAL, I Love Being around you, there are NO guessing games, what I see is what I get.” Since, I had been that way all my life, and therefore so close to it, I had never before saw or realized what a True Gift BEing “REAL” can be for another. John’s COMPLIMENT, helped to open me up to seeing and knowing one of my gifts.

I had a major accomplishment in my life about a week ago, one to be very proud of, and what was strange and different to me, the day after and for about a week, I felt like I had fallen off a cliff, not sure how else to describe it. I wasn’t doing much work, not near to the capacity of what I could have been or had done in the past, or participating in the courses I have been involved in, just barely doing enough to make it look good. I could not really put my finger on what was going on with me. I realized last night as I went for a very long walk and having heartfelt discussions with God and the Ascended Masters, that I did not need to know the exact ‘why’ behind it, but that I worked my way through it, using different tools. The same tools I use with my clients, that help them to succeed in the best way for them and in their individual Greatness. One of those ways is remembering the compliments others give me.

Thoughts came to me as I was walking last night, Thoughts of The mentors I’ve had in my life, and one in particular, Bo Eason, that has impacted my life Greatly in many ways, and I remembered Another COMPLIMENT, that encouraged me and shifted ME more into More of MY GREATNESS, Bo Eason, telling me “Tammy we need you, we need your weird self, the world needs you we need you to be BIG, we need All of you”.

And another COMPLIMENT, from another mentor, Melvin Allen, “Tammy, you are different than any of the other thousands of people I have ever known or been around, Tammy You have Been Anointed”.

I share this with you to assist you to ALWAYS KNOW, if and when you fall of your personal track, off ‘a cliff’, take the time and REMEMBER the COMPLIMENTS others have said about you, and in turn, you may be able to start to COMPLIMENT Yourself.

If you are ON Your Track, take time to OFFER Compliments to others, RISK IT, DO IT!!! You Just Never ever know how they can POSITIVELY Affect the life of someone.

One of my clients, I worked with years ago, told me within 24 hours of working with him, “Tammy, I took the bullet out of my pocket, the one I had in there for months, wondering when I was going to use it on myself.”

Take Up the Gauntlet, COMPLIMENT Yourself and Others, Take that RISK, what You RECEIVE in Return, may be PRICELESS!!!

What is One COMPLIMENT, that You HAVE RECEIVED from someone else???

What is a Compliment you gave that made a difference in someone else’s life? A compliment can be as simple as a SMILE!!!

What is One Compliment you can GIVE YOURSELF Today!!! and then Tomorrow, and then the Next Day, Take up the Gauntlet of Giving Heartfelt Compliments to yourself and others, one a day, It can be simple, It Can be life saving, IT IS PRICELESS!!!

One Love,

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