The word responsibility is among the words you have heard so many times. Without taking responsibility, life would be chaotic whether at home or at work. When you don’t take responsibility it feels less demanding, more comfortable, and less painful but what you may not realize is that you are doing harm to yourself and those around you. You may take it easy and try to blame problems you are having on someone else, but that won’t work out. If you don’t take responsibility, you give away the personal power you possess.

Let’s imagine how life would be if we become irresponsible. The little things we overlook may play a big part in nurturing responsibility. For example, you see the trash blown around and you don’t pick it up. You are probably waiting to see if someone else will do that. Or you do the shopping in a grocery cart and you don’t put it back in its stalls, it may seem less demanding or less painful because you think someone in the store is paid to do that. Responsibility makes more sense when we take the little things seriously.

Instead of leaving the hotel room lights on when you walk out, why not just shut them down. Life would be better if we took responsibility by acting on the little things we tend to ignore or overlook. Whether you are in the workplace or at home or even in the store, take a little thought and see that you place the cart in the stalls, pick up the trash, and put back anything you find out of place to the right place.

If we take responsibility to the heart, we can make life to be better for all of us. We need to respond wisely to our environment, it will make up grow and feel so good about our lives. When we pick that trash, it can make a huge difference and Mother Earth would probably be cleaner, prettier, happier, and FULL OF SO MUCH JOY!!

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