Why You Should Practice Self Love

It is often easy to love others. We find different ways to show love to those we care about, whether it be through a thoughtful note, flowers, or other act of kindness. However, loving ourselves and completing acts of self-love is another thing altogether. Many times we look to others to provide love to us instead of providing it for ourselves.  For some reason, practicing self-love is difficult for many of us, although it is most definitely very important. And loving ourselves means we are more apt to love others, so why not start practicing some self-love and see what it does for you and those around you? Here are some ways you can practice some acts of self-love. Try a few of these, or even just start with one each day, and see how your life will change!

Pamper Yourself

Sounds easy enough, right? But for many of us, we find excuses to skip out on pampering us, stating we don’t have the time and are too busy. However, if you take just a few minutes to pamper yourself a day, you will be glad you did! Consider taking a bubble bath after a long day or giving yourself a pedicure. A small amount of pampering can do wonders for your mood!

Talk To Yourself

Sound, crazy? It’s not! Self-talk is a great way to give yourself some love. As human beings, we tend to be very hard on ourselves and we can tend to be a bit self-defeating. So instead of focusing on what you don’t like or what went wrong in your day, etc. try a bit of positive self-talk. Reminding yourself that you are worthy, what your strengths are, and what you did right or enjoyed about your day can improve your overall self-confidence and do wonders for your soul.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to practice self-love. You can create the journal for any purpose, such as reminding yourself of what you are thankful for each day, or simply documenting experiences, memories, or feelings. Journals are also a great way to express your feelings and work through them.

If some of these tips don’t seem like your style, simply find something you love to do or that makes you happy and proud and make some time in your schedule for those things. You will find that you will begin to appreciate and love yourself more and more, which will then radiate in everything you do!

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