How to Take on More Responsibility in Life

We all have responsibilities to our families, our jobs, our friends, etc. But have you ever thought about the responsibility we have to the planet, our responsibilities to other people in the community? How much better would our world be if we took our small responsibilities to heart, such as being kind to one another and taking care of our planet? Read about how we can all be more responsible and create a happier, healthier earth and community.

Don’t Make Excuses

How many times do we use the excuse that we are in a hurry, too busy to stop, or trust that someone else will do it when we see a piece of trash on the ground? If we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that we are all guilty of this. It is so easy to make excuses, but the truth is that we aren’t too busy. Whatever we are in a hurry for can wait for one minute, and someone else might not do it either. It’s time to stop making excuses and take responsibility for the small things in life. Take the time to put stray trash in the garbage, or move the shopping cart into the corral, or hold the door for someone. There is no excuse!

Small Things Make a Big Difference

We might not think that picking up one water bottle from the ground and placing it in the recycling bin will make a difference, but it does. If all of us pick up one water bottle a day, imagine the impact that could make! So no matter how small the responsibility, remind yourself that you are doing it in order to make a much bigger impact.

Others will learn from your example

Finally, when we take responsibility in life, others will learn from our example. Maybe someone noticed you picking up the water bottle and recycling it, so they did the same. Or the person you held the door open for appreciated the gesture and decided to start opening doors for others, and so on and so on. Leading by example is often the best way to make a change in the world. It only takes one person!

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