Greetings Everyone, It is a Scrumptious Spectacular Sunday,

I wanted to share with you something that I feel compassionate about. Responsibility, we all have it. Responsibility, I believe is one of our Divine gifts, and one to be used at all times and to realize that this gift, is one, when used will aid one another to become the greatest we came here to be.

Think for a minute when we do not use Responsibility, let’s think about the little things, when trash is blowing around, or a grocery cart is not put back in its stall, or leaving the light on when you walk out your hotel room. Something out of place either in the work place, the home, in a store. Imagine how much better things could be if Responsibility was taken to heart.
Such as Picking up that piece of trash, Mother Earth would be cleaner, prettier, happier, just that one piece of trash picked up can make a huge difference.

The grocery cart put into the ‘cart corral’ that is out in the parking lot, which is waiting to be utilized to the best of its ability. To have the cart in there, instead of randomly sitting here and there, throughout the parking lot, waiting for someone to run into them, or having a strong wind come up and pushing the cart into a vehicle, scratching it up and having the owner upset, over something simple that could have been taken care of.

Many years ago I heard someone say, treat your hotel room as if it is your home, so when you walk out turn off the lights, something so simple can save probably countless number of dollars. Imagine prices actually going down because of everyone taking the responsibility to turn out the lights when leaving. That is something that I do when I leave my home, making sure the lights are off to save on my electricity bill, so yes, to me it totally makes sense, do that when staying out of town also. Ha Ha, I even am at a point that I do it at friends homes, turning out lights, when not necessary to have on, let’s just open up the curtains, which brings awareness to them.

When something is out of place, such as when shopping, and seeing clothing laying on the floor that fell off the rack in the store, taking the responsibility to pick it up and put it back on the rack, it doesn’t matter if I did it or not, what matters is that by doing that kind act makes things a bit nicer for everyone. Also, if someone is with me, I have just taught them in that moment. What about at home, picking up after oneself, which by the way shows others that you care about them because you care about yourself enough to do so, oh and lets add a little gift here, picking up something for them, such as their dishes from the table, without being asked. The same at work, what one little thing can you do that can make a co-worker have a better day, taking that extra phone call, do that little bit of paper work, open the door for them, if you are strong enough, carry something heavy for them. I had a co-worker do that for me, with a 40 lb box, and it made me feel so good that he took the time out, just 5 minutes, without me asking, he touched my heart at that moment. Something so simple, yet so meaningful.

Imagine, taking responsibility for one little thing today, how that can create a better moment either for yourself or for someone else or both. This may all sound simple, and that it is, and the rewards are endless. Let’s not wait for someone else to do it. Imagine what you are teaching others by example when we all take responsibility to heart.

I invite you to be on the lookout today, what one thing, no matter what size, did you or can you take responsibility for? Maybe it calls for stepping out of the comfort zone, Risk a little, Receive much.

Please share if you feel compelled to do so.

Blessed Joyful Sunday to All,
Much Love and Respect,

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