At the age of 17, Mother’s Day, 1980,  when I had my first baby, I had no idea what I was doing.

Four more babies came along making a total of 5 by the time I was 26.

I was made fun of and ridiculed by some of those around me.

Having many kids were not encouraged by the general public, the stares would remind me of this time and time again.

So would the comments such as, “well have you figured out what causes that” or “well are you done yet.” “surely you are going to have anymore”

Yes, it stung my heart, those looks, those comments, yet I was not going to let it get the best of me.

I did not care what others thought then or now, thank God for that strength within me.

Looking back of all I endured raising my beautiful babies, there are times when I have thought, “if I only knew then what I know now”

I am sure many parents have that thought also.

I think, If I was who I am today, back then, wow, things would of, could have been better, I would start to think how even better of a mom I could have been.

Then I stop myself and think again, and realize one more time, if that was so, then my children may be different people than who they are today.

And Today, in my opinion, my children, Are Perfect In their own Right.

They Are Incredible Human Beings.

They have Hearts that continue to GIVE, CREATE, and SUPPORT and STRIVE to be the BEST, they encourage those around them, especially our family.

Now at the age of 54, I have 11 grandchildren. We are Strong and we are Mighty especially when the need calls to be that.

YES I Have A BIG FAMILY, A FAMILY that knows what FAMILY REALLY MEANS in every sense of the word.

A LEGACY OF A FAMILY, Legacy of Heart, Real Love, and “I GOT YOUR BACK” Mentality, this I continue to Instill, Grow and Nurture with them all.

Oh How the The tides have turned by others that are on the outside looking in…

Now, I have others saying, “Tammy can I be a part of your family?” “Wow, how cool it is to hang out with all of you!” “Tammy, would you adopt me?” “Wow, I wish I had a big family.” “Wow,that is so cool”

And the list of compliments are endless.

I AM BLESSED, This I Know and Eternally Grateful for.

Blessings Come with HARD WORK, not a Magic Wand.

I Worked at BEING The BEST MOM EVER, and it all has come to fruition and continues to reveal this to me time and time again.

I have earned the title “THE BEST MOM EVER” even if I give it to myself, (hahahaa, this makes me Giggle)

Some advice I can give to other Mama’s out there:

Be your children’s TEACHER First and Foremost. I heard the words, “I hate You” Be ok with that.

Be OPEN To your children’s thoughts and ideas, especially if they differ from yours.

ALLOW Your Children to SPEAK Their TRUTH, even if it is not what you like to hear.

DO NOT Live Your life vicariously through your children, if you are, get help, I am serious.

DO NOT Make your child “Your Best Friend” I have seen the damage this can do to them. You can be their BFF, yet know the line that you do not cross as they are growing up. Meaning, watch the ‘adult’ stuff you share with them while they are young.

Make them strive to WIN at a game, in a sport, in competition, do not go easy on them.

Children need to know that it takes Work, Dedication, Discipline and doing things on their own to make things happen, to be number 1.

Do not spell the word for them, make them look it up. Seems Simple, yet it is a life lesson.

Mama’s Remember, most of all. You are DOING THE BEST YOU CAN RIGHT NOW. Right Now YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Mama’s do not judge yourself, nor compare yourself, unless it is to improve yourself.

You got this, I Believe in You. Live a Life of NO Regrets!

If you need help, If you want to become better at who you are and what you can give, then I Invite you to reach out to me, send me a private message and together we can see how I can Support You So You Too can be “THE BEST MOM EVER” there is Plenty of Room for YOU At the TOP!!!

Waves of Love,

Tammy Lee Schumacher, Over 200 Mom Years Earned and Still Counting

Women’s Intuitive Empowerment Mentor                                          

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