Great Day to Everyone,

Taking IMPERFECT Action, yes, I hear my mentor Toby Alexander’s word in my head, “Take Imperfect Action, Tammy” as I realized how much I have been going over in my mind to post my second Blog post. As, I was just creating one and knew and heard, “Tammy this isn’t the one to post right now, share what is really going on with you in the moment, as it may help others.” The previous post I was working on I was going over and over each specific word and rereading everything and see how time was slipping away and my battery going down on my computer, and realized, AH… I need to take IMperfect Action and allow to flow and go.

So possibly this is a lesson for more than myself, as I invite you to also look as what you may be doing in your life, that you are waiting to “be perfect” with before allowing it to go out, share, just do. As I type this I can see the list in my own head of different things in my life. So thank you for allowing me to share with you and for your continued interest.

Taking a RISK to be Imperfect, YES, that is pretty Powerful, just as Nike says, “Just Do It”

What “RISK” Of Imperfection will you take today? I am sending this Blog Post. My Heart is singing and smiling even bigger.

One Love,


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