Playful Signs: God is Joy

If we look around us, we can see God’s hand in everything, but especially in nature. Being in nature and in Gods’ creation can provide us with a great sense of joy. The next time you are enjoying nature, take some time to find some playful ways God reminds us of His joy.

God gives us what we need

This is evidenced by the rain that provides water to the plants, or the sun that provides them with light, or the soil that is rich in nutrients. All of these creations of God work together so that the plants can grow. So when it is raining, you can be sure that the sun will come out eventually, and these two things work together to provide what is needed. Just like God will show us in life by giving us tough times and times of joy, but he will always give us what we need to get through.

God Always Provides a Way

Sometimes life can seem impossible to get through. However, nature can teach us that God will always provide a way for us to navigate whatever situation we are in. We can see that when we are hiking through the woods and the trees create a canopy overhead to lead the way and protect us from the elements, or a tree has fallen over the water so that we can cross safely. Look for these little reminders in nature that God will always see you through.

God Creates Beautiful Works of Art

We can sometimes feel as though we are imperfect, but nature can remind us that God creates all things beautiful, and that includes us. Remember this fact the next time you see a beautiful sunset over the ocean, or you reach the summit of a mountain and are among the clouds. We can see God’s beauty all around us, as perfect as a painting, and can remember that we are created by Him as well.

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