Encouraging signs, Playful Signs, we all have them around us and within us… like the sun tonight playing “Peak-a-Boo, I See You” as it comes out behind the blanket of clouds it has been hiding behind for a couple of days, allowing them to bring their much-needed rains for this area. Butterfly flittering by, ladybugs landing on you, or the scent of flowers out of nowhere.

What signs are you seeing tonight???

God not only has loving thoughts for us, He also is playful with all of us. Nature provides us with a creative way of seeing things around us and knowing that God is there for us. God has provided us with playful signs we see every day, every season, and every moment.

Think of the sunrise, it is not just amazing but pleasing. When you take time to watch the sunrise in the morning, it brings beautiful moments of joy and happiness. It reminds you that there is the beginning of everything and you should start your day with a calm, bright experience. The same happens when the sun sets in the evening, again things calm down.

The butterflies fluttering by provide some joyful and playful moments. At the onset of rains, you see beautiful flowers sprouting everywhere. The critters are all over and life seems to be so good, so refreshing, so plentiful.

God wants us to be playful and He gives the creative nature of things that we see. When we watch how events of nature happen like sunrise, blossoming flowers, birds singing, and the critters playing, we are constantly reminded that we should be joyful and happy.

We need to understand that those beautiful things we see in nature tell us about the joy of God. When we keenly observe and watch things in nature, we begin to see life differently. Even when life seems to be miserable, at least, there is some hope. Just like the sunrise is calm and cool in the morning, and the afternoon is hot and sweaty, and the evening sunset is calm again, so is life. Just be playful with nature and see your life transform into a meaningful experience.

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