Many people think that they are “past it” when they hit a certain age… But that’s simply not true! In fact, you could consider it one of the Great Untruths of our age. Tammy Lee has, of course, defied this Untruth by publishing her first book at the age of 55. The Second Start is all about just that: creating a new start in life by enhancing your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself!

A Second Start: Saving a 37-Year Marriage

Relationships are dynamic and always changing. Sometimes, people grow apart and cannot see one another even though they are standing side by side! The Second Start takes a look at Tammy’s relationship with her husband and how they saved it. The book is also full of tips on how to have a great relationship with yourself – which makes sense, especially if you are going to have relationships with others!

Tammy, of course, espouses the values of dedication and perseverance which are the vital ingredients needed to make anything work. Enhancing the relationships in your life will not only help you feel better about the relationship you have with yourself but will also enhance the relationships you have with others. From then on, you can watch your life blossom and fill with joy!

Number 1 Bestseller on Amazon

The Second Start has already become a Number 1. International Bestseller on Amazon and in 11 categories and 5 countries across the world. Already countless people all over the globe are using it to improve their lives, their relationships and benefiting from the nuggets of wisdom that Tammy has to offer from her many years of experience and learning how to enhance her life. If you would like to find out more, you can download a sneak preview of her book at and start elevating and advancing your life today! You certainly won’t regret the wisdom she has to offer!

Take it a Step Further

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Your Joy Matters, You Matter,

Tammy Lee Schumacher

Speaker | Teacher | Healer | Mentor

Author of the #1 International Best Seller on “The Second Start” Get your copy Today!

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