There is no one who can understand you better than yourself… But God understands you better than that! Whatever you may call this powerful, I have many names for it, including “Divine Source”, it permeates everything and lives inside you as well. That means you can use it to transform your life, but even more importantly you can use this God Force to guide you and make the right choices.

Listening to the Inner Voice

Every day we are bombarded by messages. These come from television, the Internet, and people we know or hear about. Sometimes, these messages appear mixed, garbled and many of them are simply untrue. What we need to do is take some time to listen to what the Inner Voice, which I also refer to as “The Whispers” is telling us and how it can help us improve our lives.

If for example, you get that niggling feeling that you maybe shouldn’t take that job you’ve been offered or not be around a certain person or travel to a certain place: make sure to listen to that voice, listen to “The Whispers” You should probably take a little bit of time to consider things before moving forward.

Watch Out for the Signs

Signs from the Divine Source are everywhere. You need to keep an eye out for them and this isn’t referring to physical eyes! Listen to your own senses and intuition. You will be surprised at what you can find when you take the time to see what the signs are telling you. It is also helpful to remember that this Inner Voice is guiding you every single day of your life. Of course, it is ultimately up to you to make the decisions and sometimes you may feel it necessary to go in a slightly different direction.

It is ultimately about being guided and then looking at the world around you to see how you can make the changes you want. By taking the time to meditate on it, along with hiring a mentor to be with you on your journey that has your Highest and Greatest good in mind, you can come up with the answers to transform your own life!

Reach Out and Ask for Help

If you desire more clarity on what “The Whispers” are saying to you and how to move forward with ease and Grace then schedule a Transformational Breakthrough Session where together you gain Clarity and Core Confidence and Make SHIFT Happen TODAY here at

Your Joy Matters, You Matter,

Tammy Lee Schumacher

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