Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

We all love to laugh, right! We laugh with our closest friends, our families, or at funny movies or videos. Laughing is contagious and so much fun, but did you know that laughter provides an array of benefits other than just being enjoyable? It’s true! Read further to find out some of the benefits laughter can bring, and make more time for a good laugh each day!

Laughter is good for Your Health

That’s right, laughing keeps you healthy! Studies have shown that laughing has several health benefits that you didn’t even know about! Laughing can help reduce stress by relieving the tension in your muscles, causing them to relax. Laughing can also improve the blood flow throughout your heart, which in turn lowers your risk of heart attack or stroke. Laughter can also help you lose weight! Research has shown that laughing for 10-20 minutes can burn around 40 calories. How is that for an enjoyable exercise!

Laugher Bonds People Together

Laughing together is a wonderful way to bond with others and create positive relationships with others. Laughing creates a positive atmosphere and often brings people together. If you are laughing and others hear you, they naturally want to know what is so funny. And when they join in the laughter it is contagious and everyone is in a much more positive emotional state!

Laughter Makes You Feel Good

If you notice that your mood has improved once you start laughing, that is because laughing releases the natural endorphins within the brain, creating a good feeling throughout the body. Laughing can also release serotonin, which also helps to improve mood and a feel-good effect on the body and brain.

Not convinced, we dare you to make some time to watch a funny movie or spend time with someone who can make you laugh. You will notice the difference and your body and mind will thank you!

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