AH.. First and Foremost sending out the most heartfelt KUDOS, to ALL my Tribe, of the Ascended Masters Teaching Academy, AMTA. Creator, Leader and Guided, by our Integrity based Dean of AMTA, Ivonne Alexander, a woman I have come to Love, Honor and Respect Highly. This blog is a result of all the love and commitment and input by all those in AMTA. For it is with their assistance that the name of the blog came about, the thoughts and ideas that were shared so freely, their belief in me,  is life giving in ways that I truly cherish and assists me to open me up more to me, and grab a hold of what I learn and move forward with it, and Yes, Taking a Risk, to put myself out there as this is my first post, on my first blog, of which many yet are to come.

Taking Imperfect Action…Celebration,


I Invite you to think about who has made a difference in your life, who can you reach out and give KUDOS to, who helped you to stretch a little further, encouraged you to take the next step, one more step. NO matter how long it may have been, whether they are living or have passed on, the invitation to give them KUDOS is always there. When taking that step you may be surprised at the resurrection of profound energy you may experience.

One Love,


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